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Welcome to Mental Motherhood!

Do you suffer from prenatal or postpartum depression/anxiety? Are you a stressed out mom trying to navigate mental motherhood? Do you wish you could be practicing wellness but don't know where to begin or how to fit it into your schedule?

Find support here.

I've experienced severe postpartum depression and anxiety - TWICE - and thanks to those awful yet enlightening experiences, I've discovered the gift of wellness - yoga, meditation, nutrition, and personal development. These four fundamental wellness practices assisted tremendously in my recovery and I still practice them today to feel my absolute best.

It's scientifically proven that natural wellness practices like yoga, nutrition, meditation and personal development can play a vital role in PPD treatment and recovery. Even if you're "just" a stressed out and busy mom, learning the fundamentals of wellness is the key to helping you take control of our life and feeling calm, balanced, happy, and motivated.

I've created the Mental Motherhood Wellness Program to teach moms the fundamentals of wellness so they can incorporate wellness practices into their busy every day lives.

My vision is for every "mental mom" to be able to live a life of wellness, happiness and personal fulfillment.

I use my skills as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, and Life Coach to teach moms how to make wellness a priority in their lives.

Yoga, nutrition, meditation and personal development assists the brain and nervous systems in ways that help ease stress on the body, mind and soul, propelling you to that coveted zone of total wellness.

I look forward to taking you there!




“Patricia is simply wonderful. She listened to my situation with great care and used her vast knowledge of health and wellness to present me with a very easy, yet effective plan. And, knowing that she will be there if I need her, is going to make all the difference. I cannot wait to begin my new journey into becoming a more healthy and happy mommy!”

- Janice Peters,Toronto, Ontario
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